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Cookie prices

Basic Designs 
- Starting at $55 per dozen 

Basic shapes

Minimum details

Up to 2 shapes

Up to 2 colours


Intricate designs
- Starting at $80 per dozen 

  • Intricate designs

  • Hand- painted

  • Logos

  • Characters 

  • up to 6 designs per dozen


PyO Cookies
- Starting at $66 per dozen 

paint your own cookies, are a fun and interactive treat that allows you to unleash your creativity. 

Each cookie comes individually packed with an edible paint palette and brush.


Detailed Designs
- Starting at $68 per dozen 

4 designs per dozen

up to  6 colours

Small metallic details

Mix of shapes

Simple lettering


Mini Packs
- Starting at $ 70 for 2 dozen

2-2.5 in 

heat sealed in groups of 4

Individually heat seal is $3 extra per dozen. Limited shapes


Undecorated sugar cookies 
- Starting at $33 per dozen 

3.5 - 4 inch cookies with out icing.

heat sealed in packs of 3

mix and match shapes

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